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MOC Shipyards 39m Newbuild Cargo Vessel
***Bunker Capability Option Available*** Built: Built in our own shipyards Classification: +100AI, Cargo vessel + LMC BV Construction: Marine Grade Steel Hull – aluminium superstructure Class: 1B, 14 passengers + 7 crew... read more

Length: 39.25m
Location: India
Price: $2,550,000
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ID: 621171  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

30m Cargo / Bulk Carrier
30m Cargo / Bulk Carrier   $1,175,000
General Built: Steel, newbuild, India Construction period: 6 months Speed: 10 knots Accommodation: 6 persons... read more

Length: 30.00m
Location: India
Price: $1,175,000
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ID: 621157  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

MMP General Cargo Ship abt. 4350 DWT built 1988 in China
MV "TBN" MPP equipped for containers Box shaped, double skin Year Built 1988 CHINA Yard Zhonghua Shipyard Length OA 91.50 m Length BP 84.00 m Breadth 14.70 m Depth 7.60 m Summer draft 5.0 M Deadweight: abt. 4350 Number of Holds/hatches : 2 holds, 2 hatches Hold / Hatch cover : Mc Gregor/ 2 holds / Hold Dimentions 53.1x 10.40 X 8.3 m Hold Capacity Grain/ Bale : 170000 cbf / 160000 cbf Effective TEU Capacity (16T) : Laden 172 Cargo Gears 2X25 LIEBHERR ( OUT OF ORDER , TO CONSIDER THE SHIP AS GEARLESS ) Main Engine: Main Engine Maker MAN B & W KiloWatt 1691. KW... read more

Length: 91.5m
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ID: 629256  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

RoRo/LoLo Ramp General Cargo Ice strengthened
The vessel is a general cargo geared RoRo- LoLo vessel with 2 x 35 SWL cranes. Steel construction of Type 92-A, strengthened for heavy cargoes. Ice strengthened (Class 1d). Length-OA: 275ft 7 Bulbous bow Breadth Extreme 52ft 6 Breadth Moulded 54ft 7 Draught 17ft 6 Depth 20ft 11 Height 94ft 0 Keel to main mast Displacement 4728 tons... read more

Length: 84m
Location:Haiti Haiti
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ID: 397462  (Trade)
Posted: 2 days ago

[DCG062] Geared General cargo 8750 mts ship
[DCG062] Geared General cargo ship, SID for sale Flag – Malta Year and place of built – 08.2000, Romania, SANTIERUL NAVAL BRAILA LOA/LBP/B/D – 130.86/121.0/17.7/10.2 m. DWT/DWCC/DRAFT – 8754/8600/8.07 m. GRT/NRT – 6055/3522 Speed – 15 knts ME – MAN license K6SZ 52/105 CL, 1х4500 kW, TTL 6150 BHP Auxiliary engines – 2х380, 2х287, 1х158 kW Cranes – 2x25 mts, 2.7-26.0 m GRAIN: 420.778 CFT, 11.915 CBM BALE: 387.935 CFT, 10.985 CBM TANK TOP LOAD – 8.25 mts/m2 4 HOLDS/4 HATCHES. HYDRAULIC FOLDING HCOVERS CLASS – KM... read more

Length: 130.86m
Location:Mediterranean sea Turkey
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ID: 455541  (Trade)
Posted: 4 days ago

Deck Cargo Ship
Deck Cargo Ship   €770,000
Deck Cargo Ship... read more

Length: 58.8m
Location: Norway
Price: €770,000
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ID: 610318  (Trade)
Posted: 4 days ago

General Cargo Ship
To: Owners/Sellers and their direct brokers only Please note at request of our local direct Buyers closer to us we are looking for Small General Cargo Ship meeting the following requirements. - type: General cargo ship; - Double skin as imperative; -year of build: 1980 and younger, try slightly older to test the Buyers; - about 2200 - 3000 DWT but some bigger depending on draft; LOA: Approx.from 75 up to 120 m; - Draft: prefer up to 4,1 m but some more can be considered depending on DWT/DWCC; - Prefer box holds; - Grain capacity: not lower than 3400 cbm and more as much as possible... read more

Length: 100m
Location:Trading area for inspection/delivery: prefer Mediterranean/Blacl/Azov Seas/North Europe/Baltic Sea. However Atlantic coast of Europe, Middle East, Caspian Sea, West Africa and Carribs can be considered Ukraine
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ID: 629074  (Trade)
Posted: 4 days ago

Cheap - very small Cargo ship
Maungaroa Roa of Avatiu, Cook Islands. ex Torpedo carrier for the Norwegian navy.... read more

Length: 29m
Location:Rarotonga, avatiu port Cook Islands
Price: $140,000
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ID: 620920  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

Unique Sailing Cargo Ship
Presently operating in Central Pacific between Hawaii, the Line Islands of Kiribati and the Northern Cook Islands. For sale with or without a fully operational and profitable business. 14 years of full records, dedicated database to run business and ship. Experienced ship crew and office staff available. Honolulu warehouse, island warehouses, vehicles, and full trading licenses in place for cargo and passenger ops in the Islands. In 2019, under a 25 day charter to Ocean Voyages Institute, Kwai picked up 40 tons of ghost fish nets and plastic trash out of the Pacific gyre, reportedly the mos... read more

Length: 36m
Location:Honolulu Hawaii USA
Price: $300,000 Tax Exempt
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ID: 622834  (Private)
Posted: 6 days ago

77m / Deck Cargo Ship for Sale / #669
LOA 77 m Beam 18,35 m Draft 3,5 m ... read more

Length: 77m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
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ID: 609926  (Trade)
Posted: 6 days ago

Geared General Cargo Ship abt. 2300 DWT built 1986 in Germany
We can offer for sale subject unsold Small Geared General Cargo Ship abt. 2300 DWT built 1986 in Germany as follows: MV "TBN" General Cargo Ship Gearless Abt. 2300 DWT ON 4.2 M Built: 1986 in Germany Class: IACS MEMBER LOA: 82.10 M Beam: 12.6 M Depth: 4.70 M Grain / Bale: 119011 cbf / 119011 cbf Number of holds: 1 2 movable bulkheads (5 positions) Hold dimensions: 51,34x10,15 x 6,20 m Load on tanktop: 12 tn / m2 TEU: below Deck 62, on Deck 85 M/E: MWM - TBD444-6, 1100 KWT Vessel is trading in Europe/Continent – Baltic Sea. All details about and gi... read more

Length: 82.1m
Location:Vessel is trading in Europe/Continent – Baltic Sea. Ukraine
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ID: 628883  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

108.7m General Cargo Ship
6,387 DWT on 7,52 m. ABS SS Due 30/11/2022. DD 2/5/2021. 3/3 HO/HA - Almost Box Shaped - MC Gregor Folding Type Covers Grain/Bale.... read more

Length: 108.7m
Location:Istanbul Istanbul Turkey
Price: $1,100,000
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ID: 628511  (Trade)
Posted: 8 days ago

64m / Deck Cargo Ship for Sale / #576
General details as follows: LOA 63,8 m Beam 16 m Draft 2,44 m Bu... read more

Length: 63.8m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: €7,000,000
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ID: 564302  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

93m / Deck Cargo Ship for Sale / #519
General details as follows: LOA 92,96 m Beam 24 m Draft 3,98 m ... read more

Length: 92.964m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $13,000,000
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ID: 563922  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

This is a 277’ 4,300 ton DWT Self Discharging Bulk Cargo Ship built in Holland in 1973, rebuilt to self discharger 1994. There is an excavator with a 4.0 CBM Grab. There is a bow thruster. It is Lloyds Class with next special survey due in 2020. Ship is fully operational and well priced.... read more

Length: 277'
Location: Denmark
Price: $850,000
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ID: 494673  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

Small  General Cargo Ship/Container Carrier) abt. 2650 DWT built 1990
We can offer for sale subject unsold Small General Cargo Ship (Equipped for container carriage) abt. 2650 DWT built 1990 in The Netherlands as follows: MV "TBN" GENERAL CARGO SHIP (EQUIPPED FOR CONTAINER CARRIAGE) ABT. 2650 DRAFT ON 4,7M BUILT: 1990, SHEEPSWERF EN, HEUSDEN-HOLLAND CLASS: IACS MEMBER LOA: 80,0M BEAM 11,30M GRAIN CAP 115000CBFT/3256CBM HATCH COVERS FOLDING TYPE MC GREGOR BOX HOLD, STEEL FLOOR APPENDIX-B FITTED BULKHEAD CAN BE PLACED IN 4 DIFFERENT POSITION M-E: DEUTZ, SBV6M628 , 816 BHP A-ENGINE: 3 X SCANIA, DN 941, 84KW EMG-GEN: VALMET, 411 DG... read more

Length: 80.00m
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ID: 627914  (Trade)
Posted: 20 days ago

2.155 ts geared cargo vessel for sale
Altea 2 ex Svanur 2.155 tdw on 4.53 m draft – GT/NT 1516/ 651 Built Nordsoverftet Denmark 1983 – Dimensions 72.45 x 11.2 x 6.7 m Class; DNV-GL +100 A5 E DBC Multi Purpose: +MC E AUT, class due – RINA has inspected the vessel and approved the Vessel Box hold cap 2837 cbm – 2 movable bulkheads ( ex Tween) Timber 1950/ 500 cbm hold/deck – 67 TEU – hydr. hatch: 40:62 x 7.6 m Holds ferro-silicium fitted (DBC) Geared 2 x 15/5 tons SWL hydraulic cranes portside Main engine MAK 6MU 452 AK – 880 kW @ 375 rpm aux 2 x Scania 100 kW each plus 1 x 40 k... read more

Length: 72.45m
Location: Netherlands
Price: $550,000
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ID: 627899  (Trade)
Posted: 20 days ago

This is a 263’ 3,017 ton DWT Self Unloader Cargo Ship built in Germany in 1981 and rebuilt in 2012. It is RINA Ice Class. There is one hatch, a box like hold and there is a Caterpillar excavator and a bobcat for unloading and loading. Container capacity is 145 TEUs. The ship is economical to operate with fuel consumption at only about 4 tons per day. This is an excellent self unloader cargo ship available at a very attractive price.... read more

Length: 263'
Location: Denmark
Price: $900,000
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ID: 494084  (Trade)
Posted: 21 days ago


Length: 89.12m
Location:Attica Greece
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ID: 454243  (Trade)
Posted: 21 days ago

This is a 349’ Ice Class Heavy Lift Geared RoRo Ship built in Germany in 1983. The ship is GL Class and can carry heavy equipment and cargo, up to 453 TEU containers and lash barges. There are 2 x 63 ton cranes combinable for 125 tons lift. This is a very capable multi-purpose vessel available for sale or charter.... read more

Length: 349'
Location: Romania
Price: $2,900,000
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ID: 470440  (Trade)
Posted: 22 days ago